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Only those who have "the faerie sight" shall see...


The Rose Diaries

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“Do you believe in Faeries? I do, I have held one in the palm of my hand. It’s funny, but people go their whole lives not noticing other worlds existing within our own but when they become real, life is never the same again. Faeries are not just winged pretty things you see in picture books, all magical beings and creatures are considered part of the Faerie world and they exist everywhere. They are wild, complicated and dark, but I must warn you, once you have seen them, they notice you too...” - Rose Montgomery-Diaz

Rose Montgomery - Diaz is not exactly a conventional girl. To begin with, she lives in a converted Victorian theatre. She likes to wear costume pieces salvaged from wax dummies that could be found under the Theatre stage, and she knows Faeries exist. The day Rose saves a tiny mermaid her life is changed forever. Not only does she discover that faeries and mythical creatures do exist, but that very same night her parents disappear. Left under the guardianship of her unconventional grandfather, Rose is sent to boarding school. Five years later Rose returns to the town where it all began to start afresh at a local school. Within days of her return, the faeries begin to gather around Rose and along with her new friends, Thomas Parish and Owen Finch, she sets out on an adventure to free Kallan, a faerie King of the Unseelie court, and to repair the delicate weave of the faerie world. As one mystery unravels, other secrets come to light. Convinced that there is some sort of link between her parent’s disappearance and the unveiling of the mythical world, Rose becomes obsessed with helping Kallan in the hope of uncovering the truth; but this alliance just might change her in ways she never thought possible. Book 1 is available as an ebook through Amazon and Book 2 is ready for publication email me for a copy.


Just Me

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Just Me Sample

Sometimes I want to be big!
And not just bigger than what I am you see,
I want to be bigger than an elephant, a rhinoceros, a house or a tree.
If I was as big as a building I could see far and wide, and cover huge dis-tances in just one stride.
That’s not big enough to satisfy that is for certain.
If I tried really hard, I could be as big as a mountain.
Oh yes! Wouldn’t it be grand, if I could catch the clouds when I held out my hands,
I would swim across the oceans in just a few strokes, and instead of rub-ber ducks I would play with real boats.
If I tried even harder I could be bigger by far, I could play with the moon, and even reach for the stars.
The whole universe could be my playground, the planets my play things, I would know where it ends and where it begins.
But sometimes, I want to be small, so small I would be that others would seem like giants to me.
Still I could think myself smaller than that, so small I could ride on the back of a cat.
The world I could explore would be so far and so wide, and I would never run out of places to hide.
Imagine the things that I could see, if I was so small I could ride on a bee.
A few berries would be like a grand royal feast, and all the insects be-come wondrous beasts.


Alistair McSwish

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Alistair Mac Swish was a very big fish, With as magnificent a tail as you could wish
In fact, no larger or more spectacular fish was there in the whole pond
But of Alistair, the other fish and creatures weren't very fond.
You see, Alistair was terribly aware of his own splendor and presence,
And believed that his needs were of much greater importance,
Than those of any other creature that he would meet
And if ever challenged they would hear him repeat
"I'm Alistair Mac Swish!
I'll do as I wish!
Because I'm a very, very big fish!!"
To give an example I'll tell you a tale,
In which Alistair came across an unfortunate snail.
Who was dining upon some most delicious weeds!
Which Alistair spied and in his greed,
Decided to snatch and consume selfishly,
But this little snail did not agree
"Alistair, Alistair, don't be so rude!
I found this weed this is my food!"
To which Alistair did pompously reply
Looking down his nose with his cold steely eyes
"I'm Alistair Mac Swish!
I'll do as I wish,
Because I'm a very, very big fish!!"
Then with a whip of his tail,
He flicked off the poor snail.
And so unrivaled and unmatched by any other
Alistair ruled the pond with out any bother
Until one day fate dealt him a terrible blow
When the banks of his pond began to overflow....



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About me

Born in Buenos Aires, Natalia La Fey moved to Australia as a child and was first published at the age of six in the book, Our World, by the Kids of Australia in association with McPhee Gribble, in which her full page illustration and musings about a planet of frogs was featured. A natural artist and writer, she was drawn to art college, where she studied narrative based art, including illustration, animation and film. Upon completion of her studies she began an animation career in stop motion on a cinematic advertisement (Doppleganger) and worked at Flying Gherkin International studios in Sydney, Australia. Natalia then worked in 2D animation at companies such as Fudge Puppy, Fwak and Sixty40. Her love of creating characters and stories continued and she began to dabble in script writing. She eventually produced her first (unpublished) picture book, Just Me. Three more titles followed and, while living in Asia, she wrote her first novel for the series The Rose Diaries. Natalia then moved to London and freelanced as an illustrator. It was here that her work was noticed by literary agents. Wishing to return to the basics of art and further hone and refine her illustration and writing skills, she decided to attend the San Francisco Art Institute´s Post-Baccalaureate Program majoring in painting and film. Natalia then became the illustrator for IXL Learning for many years until finally moving to Malmo Sweden where she currently resides.




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